I closed my the locker hard, way harder than necessary and the sound echoed through the almost empty corridor. Mr. Allington's lessions always did this to me. I hated chemistry and the fact that the teacher was an idiot did not make things better. I hated him and he hated me, and that was just the way it was but that stupid prick made my life miserable.... And no I was not the badass type, but I was not a sweetheart eather. I had good grades,was nice to most of the teachers, never fighted with anyone except maybe through words, not with fists and did not use my cellphone during lessions. Most people was impressed by that last thing, but not me because I barely use my cellphone anyway...

"woah someone's angry?" 

I turned around to see Logan standing there, I gave him my best death glare. "If you're here to piss me off even more Logan you can just go to hell." He laughed at me and but his arm around my shoulders. "You know you love me". And yes, I did love him, Logan was my best friend since years back. He was very good looking with lightbrown hair, green eyes and a long muscular body, but I did not feel someting for him. Well I did in the beginning before I got to know him, but it was just a small crush that stopped as soon as we became friends. He had the best personality but he did not fit me as a boyfriend. Any girl would be lucky to have him though.

"i'm not sure anymore" I muttered. Logan just smiled. He knew i didn't mean it. He knew everything about me..

I did not just have a boy bestfriend. God no I would not be able to make it through the day with just guys and all off their sexual jokes. Sure thing, some of them was funny but you need normal girl conversations sometimes also. I had another best friend, her name was Elle, well technically her name was Danielle but I was so used to call her Elle so when people asked me where Danielle was I sometimes didn't even know who they meant. Elle was definitely something special. She have no care in the world and is the weirdest girl i have ever met. I love her to bits though. She was a bit more popular by the boys than I was, but I couldn't blame them. Elle was perfection, she had light brown long hair,green/brown beautiful eyes and a perfect body, well not just the body, she even had perfect eyebrowns,perfect legs,perfect clothes,perfect hair and a perfect voice, well I told you guys, she is perfection on the highest level... And she could walk around a whole day in school in a transparent shit not caring about the fact that you can see her bra, and she can randomly just shout something in the corridor and everyone will give her weird looks but she just don't care. I adored that with her. I wish I was more like her actually. Usually me,Logan and Elle were together all the time but sadly this week she was on a trip away with her parents and yes I do miss her a lot. Even though I met her one week ago.




We sat in the cafeteria doing nothing. I loved that about Logan sometimes, we didn't always have to do things, we just sat there. I looked around the room, at the table to the left of me sat the... nerds? It might be wrong to call them that but they did study during all of their breaks? and i mean... isn't breaks meant to take a break from the study? Anywhore, at the right of my table we had the cheerleeding girls AKA the sluts. Okay i'm not gonna judge, not all of them were sluts but almost all of them. They must live a sad life... 

At the table in front of us sat the football guys. The guys every guy wanted to be and the guys any girl wanted to be with *cough* mostly the cheerleeding girls *cough*. I didn't really care about them, sure they were hot and all but they were friends with Logan so it would just be awkward, did I tell you that Logan is in the football team? Well he is so basically he is one of the popular guys. I was not popular but not unknown either, I guess it was because I hang out with Logan that a lot people knew who I was, and when Logan was invited to partys he always dragged me with him. Literally dragged. Mostly I did not have a choise. I had never been in love and Logan thought that was crazy so he was trying to find me a boy. I told him not to but did anyone ever listen to me? Nope. Luckily he was not as obsessed with it anymore, but he is still trying even if he says he have stopped. I could read him like a book, I guess that someone that comes along with the best friend thing.

My eyes kept wandering around the room but stopped on a chair in the corner, urgh. I was so disgusted by that human. He was that guy that every school has, that guy who shagged and snogged every girl he could. What I didn't understand was why the girls wanted to be with him. Sure he was reeeally hot. He had dark brown hair and brown eyes. He had a tan but not very much though... okay yes, I could understand why the girls wanted to be with him. But after all the girls he was with and played around with I did so not understand them. I have never really talked with him, and Logan did not talk about him very much but I bet he is a jerk.

Did I say his name? Well his name is Alex. Alex Alex Alex Alex.